If you want to hide an item from your view but not delete it entirely, you can archive it. You can archive cards, backlogs, boards and collections.

To archive a collection click the gear button.


To archive a board click the hamburger menu and board options.

To archive an backlog click the hamburger menu and options.

If you have a card in multiple board, backlogs and so forth, and you wish to archive that card everywhere. Open the card and press the Archive button. You will then have the option to archive it everywhere or in just one place.

What's good about archiving is that you can later show these items again. You can do this by either:

Filters in backlogs and boards to show cards

Choosing to show archived items in the collection

Choosing to show archived collections in the collections overview

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  • Is it possible to archive multiple cards at once?

  • Hi Matteo,

    In boards, you can click a column header and archive all items within the column. Apart from that, no. We are however looking into batch-editing.

  • Is there a way to recover 'deleted' collections by a different member who had owner access (he did this on accident :P)

  • @Toa
    We saw your support request regarding this as well and we're continuing this conversation in those channels.

    For anyone else wondering: We are looking into a kind of soft-delete and undo possibility for collections.

  • Is it possible to view only Archived cards in a report? IF so, is it possible to see the date that cards were archived?

    For example, if I wanted to retro completed/archived cards for the past 2-weeks or so.

  • @David
    I'm afraid there's no way to filter out cards that were archived x amount of days ago. The workaround would be to add a specific tag before archiving the card and then filtering on that tag with the "include archived cards" box checked.

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