In place editing for backlogs.

It is not uncommon that during planning sessions, a lot of changes are made to a backlog. As we want to enable our users to do this in an efficient way, Favro lets you edit card fields right in the backlog, without opening each card.

If you have your backlog in the compact tree view (shortcut 'Y'), you can see a pen marker on each field as you hover it.

By clicking it, you get access to editing options for that specific field.

You can edit the following fields directly in your backlog: card title, tags, members, estimation, color and dates.

You can also add or move cards to boards (and other backlogs) and move cards along columns on boards they are already committed to.

The card title field also has some additional options for working with your backlog tree structure.

With all of this, your planning sessions should be a lot faster and more enjoyable overall.

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