Getting started with collections

Collections in Favro can be seen as your workspaces where backlogs and boards reside. Collections are usually divided by team, department, project or whatever else suits your way of working.

The image above is a typical collection for game development, with backlogs for prioritizing and listing tasks and boards for your processes. To create a new collection, you need to bring up the Collection browser by pressing 'O' or clicking the 'Collections' button in the upper left corner.

In the browser you can search for collections, create new ones, star your most used ones and access collection options. To create a new collection, click Create collection.

Name your collection, and share with the people that it is relevant to by using the visibility options and adding members. You have three different visibility settings:

  • Private: The collection will only be accessible by you and whoever else you add
  • Organization: Everyone in the organization will be shared the collection
  • Public: Anyone on the internet with access to the collection link will be able to view the collection

When you're happy with the collection settings, just hit the create button.

You new collection has been added to the browser and you can start adding boards and backlogs to it. Let's add a few more and take a look at some additional features of the collection browser.

We now have several collections, viewing them in the grid view. If you prefer a flat list, click the icon to the left of the ESC icon.

If you're only really working in two or three collections, you can star these to put them at the top of the list.

This will also add a favorite bar at the bottom of your browser window for quick access to there collection, either by clicking them or using the shortcut ALT+<number>.

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