Import from CSV/Excel spreadsheets

CSV or Excel files can be imported to Favro as backlogs or boards depending on the amount of columns.

When creating a new backlog or board in a collection, you have the option of importing the data from a CSV or Excel file. Click the plus icon next to the collection name and select Import from Trello / BaseCamp / CSV.

Next, expand CSV/Excel and click Browse for CSV or Excel file...

After selecting your file, name the new item and select to import it as a board or backlog. Note that when importing as a backlog you can only use a file with a single column of data.

Click Finalize import and your board will be created automatically. As you can see, the first row will turn into columns and the rest of the cells will become cards.

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  • You should expand this import tool. Producers often use excel for initial planning.
    In order to make the move from excel to favro possible you would have to do the following:
    - import every row in an excel as if it was a card,
    - map columns in the row to fields
    - remove the 100 items limit (seems quite low and arbitrary)

    This would allow people to transition their projects and stop using excel for good (Hooray for that!).

  • Hi there,
    So basically, this is for when you want to import everything into a backlog, yes? We want to expand upon this feature but in the meantime you could accomplish this with the API.

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