To access apps for your board click the hamburger menu on your board and go to “Apps and Integrations”.

A burndown chart gives you a graphical representation of the work left to do versus time. It is useful when you want to predict when all your tasks are going to be completed. To get started, select what columns that are going to count as completed work and the timezone used for your burndown charts.

Once you have enabled the burndown chart app for your board, a new menu item will appear in your board menu.

When you open the burndown chart the board will change to a graphical representation of the numbers of cards that needs to be completed versus time. It also allows you to see an estimation of how many cards are going to be completed the coming days and the velocity.

The prediction is calculated with the formula below:

Prediction is calculated by multiplying velocity(v) n days back with day nr, adding these together and dividing by sum of day nr

The burndown chart menu allows you to set a date range, select what to burn by and to configure how fast you ideally would like to complete a certain amount of cards, which is called an ideal burndown line.

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