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Miro Integration (Early Access)
Miro Integration (Early Access)

Early access Miro - Favro integration

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Miro's usability is defined by its intuitive interface, making it a valuable asset for teams across various domains. Its flexibility allows users to visualize ideas, map out workflows, and organize information effectively through the virtual whiteboard.

Now, with the Miro - Favro integration, all those visualizations and mapped workflows can be sent straight to Favro as cards to start planning and continuously working through both solutions.

What is converted from Miro and Favro?

  • App Cards

  • Text

  • Shapes

  • Sticky Notes

  • Other options coming soon

What is included in the converted card in Favro?

  • Title (text as title)

  • Other fields and options coming soon

How to setup the integration?

Step 1. In Miro:

1. Go to Miro on your browser.

2. Select the More apps option from the side bar.

3. In the Find apps search bar type Favro and open the Favro app

4. Press View on Favro app.

5. Press Connect on the App window.

6. Select a team from drop down menu and press Add.

Step 2. In Favro:

1. Choose the board you would like to have the Miro connection.

2. Open the More actions (...) options.

3. Select Miro.

4. Turn on Allow Miro to access this board.

Step 3. In Miro:

1. Select one or multiple items on your whiteboard

2. Open Favro app in Miro (In early access only Convert from Miro is available)

3. Select the Organization, Board to which you want to convert, Status and Settings for order, and how you want the cards to appear in Favro.

4. Press Convert to Favro cards and check your Favro board for newly created cards from Miro. ( In early access, comments on items will disappear; we suggest disconnecting them from the item and re-connect after the conversion is done)

Early Access notes:

The current functionality is for the early access. With the final release we will be introducing additional options to be converted to Favro, convert cards from Favro to Miro and much more.

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