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Permission domains in Favro's Jira Integration
Permission domains in Favro's Jira Integration

Apply permission domains in order to have different access for different teams.

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In bigger organizations it is important to follow and manage domains, that only relevant people can see their needed information.

With the Permission domains we recommend to have mutually exclusive permissions to projects to avoid duplication of cards on the Favro side

Steps to setup permission domains on Jira's Favro plugin:

First, you will need to setup the Jira integration with the help of this article.

Afterwards access the Favro plugin in Jira via the Apps - Manage your apps - Favro integration - Configure.

Be sure to have the Jira integration user email provided in the General tab of the Favro plugin.

This will let the Favro integration automatically create a Jira user in order to sync and update issues in Jira.

When the email is provided, access the Permissions tab. In there you will find the default domain from the Jira user email that you have inserted before. You can also create additional domains by inserting a permission domain name.

ATTENTION! For every new permission domain created, a new Favro Integration user is created. This user needs to be used to manage permissions.

After creating the permission domain, you can now use that domain to create a new Favro connection in the General tab.

How to change permissions on Jira

In order to set different permission domains from Jira, you can go to Settings - Issues - Permission schemes choose Permission name and then Permissions.

Then select the Project permission and Update.

For more information on project permissions, click here.

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