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How to find and use the favro integration in unito

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Unito has launched a beta integration with Favro, allowing your organization to collaborate across all the tools used in your teams.

Unito is a tool that helps you build and optimize workflows across tools and teams.

What is synced in the Unito integration?

  • Title

  • Description

  • Status

  • Timeline

  • Tags

  • Comments

You can also sync statuses and tags in with rules in Unito.

What can't you do?

Because this integration is still in beta, there are some things you won't be able to do.

  • Signing up via Favro: You'll have to use a different tool account β€” or an email address β€” to sign up for Unito.

  • Using Unito with Favro's Lite plan: You'll need a Standard or Enterprise plan in order to use Unito with Favro.

  • Syncing comments, members, and attachments: You won't be able to sync these to other tools just yet.

How to set up the integration in Favro

Go to your organization > my profile > API Tokens > create new token > copy API token.

Go to the integrations page in Unito > Scroll to Favro and click on Connect account > paste API token.

After these steps, you will have set up the integration between Favro and Unito.

To begin syncing across tools with Unito, you can find their guide on integrating Favro in their help article.

Please note you will have to sign up to Unito to use their integration with Favro, which you can find out more about in their Unito Basics article, in the 'How to sign up for Unito' section.

For more questions about this, please contact customer success via the chat in the Favro app via the organization menu, or on our webpage.

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