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Automations for Growth Marketing Teams
Automations for Growth Marketing Teams

How to save time with automations for Growth Marketing teams

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Planned campaigns automatically get added to the campaign overview

Situation and why it takes time:

The team plans the campaign setup in one specific board, but they have cards that will be assigned to different campaigns. The team currently needs to manually move each card to the appropriate campaign board, which takes a lot of valuable time.

Wanted actions and how it saves time:

When either the 'facebook' or 'google' tag is added to the card, the card should move to the appropriate experiment workflow board.

This saves the team time as they do not have to manually move cards from one board to another and can be reminded exactly when a campaign has gone live.


For this problem, the automation solution would be that when the 'tags' field changes to 'Google' in the 'Campaign Plan' board, the card should be added to the 'Google Experiment Workflow' board in status to do.

The same should happen when assigning a card the 'Facebook' tag, but the card will be added to the 'Facebook Experiment Workflow'.

When the cards are set to status 'Done' in the experiment flow boards, the status in the Campaign Plan board will change to 'Ready for Launch' saving the team time in manual work.

Review marketing budget every first day of the month

Situations and why it takes time:

At the beginning of the month, the team needs to review their marketing budget and allocate funds. It is easy to forget to review the marketing budget on the first of every month without a reminder.

Wanted actions and how it saves time:

Every first of the month, the automation should create a card in the team's board based off of a card template. This gives the team transparency, and makes sure that the team does not miss or forget to update the budget, saving time and money.


For this automation, on every 1st of the month at 9am, the automation will create a card with the card template 'Update Marketing Budget' in status 'Selected'.

Web review

Situation and why it takes time:

When two web designers work in their own work boards, they need to remember to add their cards to both boards in separate collections when they are collaborating and when things need to be reviewed.

Wanted actions and how it saves time:

When the card is being moved to the Design Review column in each designer's board, it should be added to the main work board for the team, where the automation would tag the reviewer and it would automatically be added to the Ready to Review column.

This speeds up the collaboration process, saving the team time and unnecessary communication.


In both boards, the same automation happens. When a card is moved to the 'Design Review' column in the board, the automation will add the card to the Collaboration Work Board, to status 'Ready To Review' and assign the other designer.

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