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Billing Information

Everything you need to know about billing in Favro

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This article contains all of the information you need to know about Favro's billing system, and how it works.

Entering Your Card Details

When you are ready to pay for a plan in Favro, you can head on over to the billing page by going to: organization > administration > billing:

After choosing 'Upgrade now', you will be led to the 'Select plan' page:

After selecting your plan, you will be prompted to input your Billing information:

After inputting the billing information, you will be able to input your card details:

After this, you will have purchased your plan!

Updating Card Details

You can update your card details in the billing section of your organization. You can click on either updating your billing address or credit card options.

After choosing, you can click 'choose another way to pay':

You will be prompted to input new card details.

You will need to confirm the card details, and it may seem as though you will be charged twice, but do not worry. You will not be charged again for inputting new card details, as it is just a confirmation of the change when your renewal date comes around.

What to do if you receive an error

If you are attempting to pay and you receive an error message, please contact customer support either through the live chat, or at our email


You can access your invoices by going to your organization > administration > billing > invoices.

If you no longer have access to your organization and require invoices, please contact customer success.

Upgrading Plans

If you would like to upgrade your plan from lite > standard > enterprise, you can do so in the billing section of your organization.

Upgrading Users

Upgrading users is easy in Favro. You can add the amount of members you need, and if you go over your user bucket, you will automatically be charged the difference in plans.

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