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Get extra training with Favro to optimize your workflow

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We at Favro want to make sure our customers are succeeding in using the tool in the best way possible for their organization. This is why our partner, Jon Leslie at Broad Cove Insights, offers training to organizations who may want a more in depth view on how to set up their organization to optimize their workflow. 

.All of our courses are live online, and include certifications for up to 9 attendees:

  • Favro Certified Platform Master (Train-the-Trainer)

  • Favro Certified Agile Professional

For organizations that want to optimize their Favro rollout, fully managed QuickStart Packages are also available:

  • 5-Day Favro Enterprise QuickStart

  • 5-Day Favro Startup QuickStart

  • 5-Day Favro Game Studio QuickStart

For more information and pricing, please go to the Favro training page.

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