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Upgrading to a paid plan
Upgrading to a paid plan
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When you sign up for Favro, you immediately benefit from all of our paid features. At any point during your trial you can upgrade to a paid plan by clicking Upgrade now.

You can now choose your preferred plan and payment frequency. Remember that you save 15% if you go with our annual plan!

If you have any questions about the pricing, you can contact us right from the upgrade dialog, or you can read more on our pricing page.

Change billing plans

If you are already paying for the Standard plan and want to upgrade to Enterprise, you can go to the Profile menu > Administration > Billing and change plan.

How do I find my invoices?

If you need to find your receipts/invoices for bookkeeping purposes. You can download these right from within the tool.

By going to Administration > Billing > Invoices you can view all your invoices and print or download these.

Pay by invoicing

We do offer organizations to pay by invoice but to be viable for invoicing, you must pay for an annual subscription of the Enterprise plan for a minimum of 50 users. If you are interested in paying by invoice, and you fill the above criteria, please reach out to us at or open a chat with us right from this article!

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