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What is Favro?
What is Favro?

Favro is the easiest way to plan and collaborate, no matter what you do, or how you want to do it.

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Why use Favro?

  • Track anything and everything in powerful sheets.

  • Visualize project status and organize workflows in rich timelines.

  • Combine project planning with content creation in extensive documents.

  • Share content and closely collaborate with external partners on shareable links.

The core of Favro


Add multiple collections as workspaces to your organization to simply and effectively organize your projects and daily work. Enable public, organization wide, or private collection settings to clearly separate different duties and tasks. 


Multiple lists to get a clear overview of your work and projects. Create pipelines, calendars, and roadmaps, organize projects and much more. 


Add cards to your boards and sheets to make viewing your individual tasks clean and easy. Add different fields to cards and move them across boards to suit your needs.

Relations - How it's all tied together

In Favro, it is super easy to stay on top of everything that's going on. With the relations feature you can see where is your work, what teams are currently working on it and what is the current status. You will instantly see when something requires your attention, has been edited, or moved to the next stage in your process.

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