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Favro Jira Proxy Single Sign-on - Linux and macOS
Favro Jira Proxy Single Sign-on - Linux and macOS

Install and upgrade the Favro Jira Proxy utilizing single sign-on running on Linux and macOS

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See Favro Jira Proxy for general considerations when using the Favro Jira Proxy.

To use single sign-on authentication you need to be logged in as the user you want the Favro Jira Proxy to connect to jira as. Ideally you should use a VM configured to automatically log in as the user when the OS starts up.



  1. You need have Node.js 8 or later in your path. See:

  2. If you are running on Linux you need systemd or Upstart based system. Testing has been done on Ubuntu 18.04 so that is recommended.

  3. On Linux, install libgconf:  sudo apt -y install libgconf2-4  

Download the Favro Jira Proxy for your target platform:
Linux x86-64
macOS x86-64

macOS arm64

Put the Favro Jira Proxy in a folder writable by the user you are logged in as (the user you want the Favre Jira Proxy to authenticate to Jira with).

mkdir ~/FavroJiraProxy
cd ~/FavroJiraProxy

Extract the distribution you downloaded in the folder you just created. Change the version number to the version you just downloaded.

tar --no-same-owner -xf ~/Downloads/FavroJiraProxy-1.0.17.tar.gz

Add the integration to run as a daemon. This will automatically create the necessary files depending on your operating system and then launch the daemon.

./FavroJiraProxy --daemon-add --mode user


User your favorite editor to edit the configuration file for the proxy.

cd ~/FavroJiraProxy
nano FavroJiraProxyConfig.json

You can paste this example config as a starting point.

"JiraURL": "",
"JiraExtractSessionCookie": true

After you have edited the configuration file you need to restart the Favro Jira Proxy for changes to take effect.

./FavroJiraProxy --daemon-restart

To check your configuration for errors check the contents of the log file.

cat Log/FavroJiraProxy.log

See Sync Jira issues to Favro for how to connect Favro to your Jira Server now that you have configured the Favro Jira Proxy.


To upgrade the server simply extract the new package and restart the daemon.

cd ~/FavroJiraProxy
tar --no-same-owner -xf ~/Downloads/FavroJiraProxy-1.0.17.tar.gz
./FavroJiraProxy --daemon-restart

You can find more information about our Jira integration on our website.

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