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Favro Jira Proxy

Integrate Favro and Jira Server without installing a plugin

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If you are unable to install a plugin on your Jira on premise Server you can use the Favro Jira Proxy to connect Favro to your Jira server.

The Favro Jira Proxy connects to both the Favro server and Jira server to facilitate communication between them without opening a port in your firewall.


  1. A host to run the Favro Jira Proxy on. Linux, Windows and macOS is supported running on 64 bit Intel architecture. 

  2. Your firewall needs to allow an outgoing connection from this host to 

  3. A user account on the Jira Server. The Favro integration uses this to read and write data through the Jira REST API. 

  4. Download the Favro Jira Proxy for your target platform:
    Window x86-64
    Linux x86-64
    macOS x86-64
    macOS arm64

It is recommended that the user is a separate user only used for the Favro integration. If you reuse a real user account, the changes the integration performs in Jira will look like they came from the real user. This can become confusing.


The Favro Jira proxy can authenticate to Jira in two ways:

  1. With user name and password

  2. Utilizing single sign-on of the currently logged in user

User name and password is preferred if possible, as this allows the daemon to run without a user being logged in. Follow the guide below depending on your chosen authentication method and target operating system.

With username and password

With single sign-on

You can find more information about our Jira integration on our website.

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