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Help colleagues find your team
Help colleagues find your team

Help signups from your domain automatically join your organization

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Favro helps organizations work in a more agile way and reach better collaboration. This is of course easier if everyone is in the same space. By letting users join your organization based on the email they sign up with, team members from your company will not end up in isolated silos by creating their own teams.

If you would like to add more domains, you would need to have a person as an administrator from a different domain, so that it would be added.

In the administration menu - under the avatar - you can enable automatic join based on email.

With automatic join enabled, users that sign up under your domain will be greeted with a new screen that lets them join an already existing team.

You can also set your organization to only allow join by request (if you are a particularly large organization for instance). With this enabled, users get the option to contact administrators to speed up the process of access granting.

Administrators get a large green bar at the top of their screen, letting them know that there are team members waiting to join.

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