The cumulative flow chart shows the number of cards grouped by column over time. Using this will help you identify bottlenecks in your workflow since it allows you to see where many cards often get struck. By frequently keeping an eye on the chart you can review the team's performance and dig into the causes of bottlenecks to continuously improve your process. 

You can find the Cumulative flow chart by opening the board menu (⋮) on the right side, then click Charts

Choosing this flips the board into a chart dashboard showing card distribution over your board columns. The pie chart on the left side shows the current card distribution and the flow chart on the right side shows the historical distribution.

Cumulative flow chart options

Setting a date range filters out cards that are not contained within the specified time period. It's also possible to have archived cards included by ticking the box Include archived cards.

Columns can be hidden from the Cumulative flow chart by clicking their names below. The column names will then appear as grayed out and the column contents will no longer be shown in the chart.

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