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Keep your team in the loop by integrating Favro with Slack
Keep your team in the loop by integrating Favro with Slack

Learn how to post Favro updates to your Slack channels automatically

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Use Favro’s Slack integration to create organizational flow in your work, automatically share updates with your teams and colleagues.

Connecting Favro to Slack

Start off by navigating to the menu (⋮) of the board or backlog you'd like to connect to a Slack channel. Then click Slack...

In opened window press Connect a Slack Channel.

Select a Slack channel that Favro should send updates to.

If you like to change the integration to another organization, you can press on the top right corner and choose a different workspace.

Choose which notifications should be posted in Slack. You can limit notifications to one board column or specific events. You can edit this later by going to the board or backlog menu (⋮).

After finalizing the configuration, the setup is complete and Favro will begin posting updates in the chosen channel. 

Clicking the link in Slack will take you to the card, board or backlog in Favro so you can easily switch between the tools.

Now that you've set up the Slack integration you might want to read more about communicating in Favro

For collecting, managing, and storing third-party data please check Favro's privacy policy for more information.

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