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Add your assigned cards to your favorite calendar
Add your assigned cards to your favorite calendar

Get reminders of upcoming due dates

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By connecting Favro to your Microsoft or Google Calendar, start and due dates on cards that are assigned to you will automatically show up in your calendar. This will allow you to set reminders of upcoming due dates so you never miss a dead line.

Both calendar integrations are enabled by default, all members of the organization can choose to connect their Favro account with their calendar.

Connecting your calendar

Accounts avatar in the top left corner > My profile > Connected accounts and choose which calendar you would like to connect to Favro.

Sign into your account and click Next.

Give Favro permission to access your calendar. 

Remember that cards added before enabling the integration will not appear in your calendar. Only cards created, assigned to you with start and due date, after enabling the integration will be visible in your Google calendar.

If you already use Google or Microsoft for your calendar, you might want to take a look at how you can integrate the files as well :)  

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